Desperate in #Gaza

Today I read this sentence in a report published by Reuters about last year’s Gaza war:

Some 551 children were killed in Gaza and 3,436 were injured during the conflict, while an estimated 1,500 lost their parents, according to a report by Save the Children.

So what about those who survived? The report states:

More than 70 percent of children in the worst-affected areas of Gaza suffer from regular nightmares and bed wetting and live in fear of further fighting, while half do not want to attend school because they are afraid to leave home, the charity said.

You just have to ask yourself: what will happen to these kids when they grow up? what kind of people will they become?

The repeated wars we have in Gaza are creating traumatized children in Israel and in Gaza. Undoubtedly far more in Gaza.

But here in Israel we know little about conditions there. Gaza is like another world to us.

I strongly recommend watching this two part program about Gaza, after last year’s war.

I am against Hamas, but I think the foot-dragging in Israel and the restrictions we place on the import of building materials there are only making more enemies for us. Yes, Hamas terrorists could use some of the materials to make rockets and bombs. But in my opinion, in the long run, the hate generated from the anguish of 100,000 Palestinians who are still homeless in Gaza could turn into a bigger threat than the rockets and tunnels which Hamas could build with some of the reconstruction material.

For the sake of the long term security of the state of Israel and the welfare of innocent Gazans, the speed of reconstruction in Gaza must increase, significantly and NOW!