Confession time: we had two centrifuges at out house in #Iran

Almost every time I arrive at an EL AL Israel airlines security desk, they always ask me: when is the last time you were in Iran? The same question is usually asked when I arrive in the U.S.

Its a good job I am not asked if we had any centrifuges at our house in Tehran, because the answer would be: yes, we had two. One was a moving centrifuge (see pic 1) with its own ‘spin’ cycle.

The other was a stationary centrifuge which could be used to make Low Enriched Rice (LER), and Highly Enriched Rice (HER), AKA Tah-e Dig (see picture 2). In Iran, both are  popular and considered as the national right of the people of Iran. Far more than uranium.

According to the foreign press reports I allegedly have a similar centrifuge at our house in Israel. But I can neither deny or confirm such a report 🙂

Picture 1: This  centrifuge which can be found in many Iranian houses.
Picture 2- a stationary centrifuge which is to be found in many Iranian houses. Instead of uranium, it is used to prepare something far more popular for Iranians: rice!