The only Nazi we like (love) in Israel

The original Soup Nazi

OK everyone, time out. Let’s take a break from this whole Iran nuclear thing and let our hair down. Its the weekend for God’s sake.

We In Israel hate Nazis. But there is one Nazi we love, and that the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

To say that Seinfeld has a cult following in Israel would be an understatement. Its still very popular here. Maybe it was his Jewish sense of humor? I don’t know.

So recently Larry Thomas who plays the Soup Nazi graced our streets of Tel Aviv, in his full Soup Nazi outfit, and made this commercial for Pepsi Max which details the incredible street food which we have in my city.

As you can see, much like with Jerry, George and Newman, he scares the hell out of many Israelis.

Well, except for Neima. Oh don’t mess with Neima.