Mr Ruhani is an Israeli hero

Today, Ruhani saved a number of Israeli lives. He is an Israeli hero.

Thats Mickey Ruhani to be exact, a resident of the Israeli city of Raanana.

Mr Ruhani was standing at a bus stop when according to the Jerusalem Post:

“a 22-year-old male terrorist from east Jerusalem approached a bus stop in Ra’anana outside city hall and stabbed a 32-year-old man in the neck and stomach”

Mickey Ruhani, who was standing at the bus stop when the terrorist attacked, quickly began to hit the terrorist with an umbrella until he was subdued.

There are also other stories of ordinary Israeli citizens who ran towards the armed terrorists (armed mostly with knives) and fought them, until the security forces arrived. They could have protected themselves by running off, but, they chose instead to fight the armed terrorists.

Another example of such bravery and selflessness was shown last night. A Palestinian stabbed a soldier and tried to steal his gun on a bus in Jerusalem. Panic broke out among the bus passengers. Yair Ben Shabbat was not even on the bus. He was walking outside it when he saw the commotion. While everyone ran for their lives, he entered the bus and fought off the armed terrorist with his nunchucks.

In another attack, an Israeli fought off an armed terrorist with a selfie stick!

These are amazing acts of bravery which are happening every single day on the streets of Israel.

The terrorists will not win. God knows how many of my people will be attacked out of the blue with knives or run over with cars. It could happen to any of us. But one thing is for sure, the terrorists will not win. Israel will not fold. We will continue with our lives, with our jobs and with building a future in this country, which is our home. The terrorists will be confronted. They deserve nothing less.

But once this campaign of terror is over, despite the bravery shown by the people of Israel, our politicians are likely to run again, from any viable solution to this conflict. They will not even try to change the status quo. They will go on with expanding settlements, with humiliating the Palestinians who live under Israeli-controlled parts of the West Bank with discriminations against them in water rights, legal rights, and in planning, building and land expropriation. Forget about reaching a peace deal with the Palestinians, we are unlikely to see any improvement in the aforementioned areas.

So while the people of Israel are going to win this battle, our politician’s shortsightedness will make us lose the war.