#ISIS explains how it plans to economically survive and thrive

Imagine you are a terrorist group, who wants to have its own state. To have a state, you need to have your own currency, this is especially true if you are at war with literally all of your neighbors. You can’t rely on their currency, doing so would give them leverage over you.

This would be dilemma for any terrorist group, including  ISIS.

But it seems that ISIS has a very well designed plan to meet this challenge. A plan which is explained by its very slick and sophisticated media arm, called Al Hayat TV.

They usually produce recruitment videos, many of which contain scenes of violence or threats.

Not this one.

We know how ISIS wants to survive and thrive militarily. Now we should find out how it plans to survive economically. This is an important area to look into, as ISIS is one of the richest terrorist groups in the world, with an estimated annual turnover of over $2 billion dollars.

Thanks to Kevjn Lim for forwarding me this video.