BBC debate: should the UK bomb #ISIS in #Syria?

Its a hotly debated issue in the UK right now: should the UK send forces to bomb ISIS in Syria?

I believe it should, and at the same time work on a diplomatic plan to get rid of Assad and to replace him through elections in Syria. It won’t be easy. I am not Syrian. But if my leader had killed tens of thousands of my people through barrel bombs, torture chambers and chemical weapons (in fact far more than ISIS or any other opposition group), I would want him gone. Definitely not standing for elections. The only thing he would be fit to stand for are trials in the Hague.

Now thats my opinion. There are others who disagree and their opinion also has logic and basis and must be heard.

In the debate below you hear both sides of the argument.

Professor Anthony Glees from Buckingham University argues in favor of UK airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

Rachel Shabi who is a Middle East commentator and writer argues against.

Watch and decide.