The #Israel SHABAK lashes out at extremist Israeli terrorists

We usually have to wait for the heads of the SHABAK (aka Shin Bet – Israel’s domestic version of the Mossad) first to retire from the organization, and then to lash out at extremist Israeli terrorists, but it seems that this time the organization has had enough.

According to the Times of Israel:

The usually taciturn Shin Bet security service lashed out against Jewish terror organizations on Thursday, saying the groups display “extremist, anti-Zionist ideology” and bear responsibility for the current unrest in Israel and the West Bank.

So the Shin Bet which is in charge of capturing Palestinian terrorists is also blaming our own terrorists for bearing “responsibility for the current unrest in Israel and the West Bank.

And they are right. Extremist Israeli terrorists have been torching mosques and Olive trees, beating up Palestinians and stealing from Palestinians over the last number of years. And then some of the members of the Dawabshe family were burned alive inside their own home in a terror attack. Did anyone expect all such acts of terror to not have any long term consequences?

Terror is terror. Its repulsive and worthy of severe punishment, no matter who does it. And if the house of a Palestinian is bulldozed because a member of their family was a terrorist, then the same should apply to Israeli terrorists.