Speech by Ayatollah Al Nimr & some thoughts on #Iran and #Saudi Arabia

  1. The world should condemn the execution of Ayatollah Al Nimr by the Saudi regime, because he was condemned to death by one of the worst court systems in the region, namely the Saudi court system. Its unfathomable to believe for a minute that a Shia cleric would have received a fair hearing under such a system – no matter what he did. An Ayatollah has just been executed people! This is a big deal.

  2. The Iranian regime is stoking up tensions with the Saudis, mainly for its own domestic legitimacy and popularity in the region among Shiites. The supreme leader of Iran said warned today that the Saudi rulers will face “divine revenge” for executing Ayatollah Al Nimr. Meanwhile Saeed Mortazavi the former prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, who oversaw the Kahrizak detention sentence where thousands of Iranians (mostly Shia) were imprisoned, tortured and in some cases executed received a $60 fine and five years’ dismissal from government jobs for his crimes. There have been many others like Saeed Mortazavi who are living very comfortable lives in Iran, despite their crimes against Iran’s own Shia. Such behavior by the very same regime (Iran) which threatens the Saudis for its unfair treatment of Shia Muslims.

  3. I strongly recommend watching the two speeches below by Ayatollah Al Nimr. There is much to be said about the way he outlines the discrimination which his Shia brethren have been subjected to in Saudi Arabia.

  4. Also, judging some his attacks against Saudi rulers in the second videos below which he made on Saudi soil, had an Iranian minority leader said the same against Iran’s ruler on Iranian soil, he would have been muzzled, imprisoned or even killed long ago.