(#Iran – Israeli) Bus driver praised for ignoring calls to remove Arab passenger

I am sure you felt as angry as me when you read the news earlier this week that:

“Jewish Israeli passengers force Arabs off Athens-Tel Aviv flight”

I hope this is the last time my Arab – Israeli compatriots agree to anything like this. Only security officials have a right to call for a passenger’s disembarkation, not ordinary passengers. Next time stay put on the flight, and if the airline forces you, sue the hell out of them.

A similar incident was about to happen this week on a bus between Petah Tikvah and Tel Aviv, being driven by Rutti Tehrani, a mother of three.

Mrs Ruti Tehrani
Mrs Ruti Tehrani- Photo from Israel Ch.2

According to the Times of Israel, on her bus, this Tuesday:

passengers began complaining about an elderly Arab man who started talking to himself in Arabic shortly after they passed Dizengoff Center, not far from where last week’s deadly shooting took place. The passengers suspected he was a terrorist and demanded she remove the man from the bus.

So Mrs Tehrani:

 approached the man, asked him if he needed assistance, and discerned immediately that he was feeling ill and didn’t pose a threat to anybody. She said she informed the other passengers that she had no intention of removing the man from the bus and would continue on the route. If they wanted to get off the bus, they were welcome to.

I know there have been many terror attacks recently. Just last week one happened near a place which I used to frequent daily. But this does not justify such behaviour against fellow Arab – Israelis as its racist.

Mrs Tehrani earned the commendation of one of her passengers who posted this story on facebook, and many other Israelis on social media. Her employer, the Dan Transportation company praised her by stating that Mrs Tehrani is a:

“a model and an example… It’s a great pride for us as a company and for all the drivers and public in general.”

Mrs Tehrani’s humanity is also a great source of pride for many Israelis, especially the Iranian – Israeli community. I am so tremendously proud of her.