Refugee stories: life as a #Syria refugee in #Lebanon

Life in the Middle East is not easy. Its an unstable region where the gap between the rich and poor is growing and the environmental challenges are increasing. Add to that the different types of war and conflict which are raging in our region.

So living in a Middle Eastern country can be difficult. It can be even more difficult in many Arab countries if you are a woman. It can turn to a small hell if you have to leave your country and become a refugee. And it can get worst if you are an Arab woman living as a refugee in another Arab country.

The BBC’s listening project:

introduces seven conversations recorded in Beirut between refugees who have fled the war in Syria to make a new life for themselves in Lebanon or elsewhere. All the conversations except one, were recorded in Arabic and have been translated into English

The experiences of these refugees will have a long lasting impact on the stability of the countries which they have fled, the countries where they are seeking refuge, and on the region as a whole. This is why we must listen and learn. Put your feet up, and listen. An absolute must.