#Madaya: #Hezbollah and #Syria regime’s darkest hour

The Syrian regime, together with Hezbollah have been laying a siege against the Syrian town of Madaya. Their goal: to starve the citizens of Madaya which has been under rebel control into surrender. The pictures from of starving people in Madaya are horrendous. 32 people have reportedly died from starvation there. Some starving people have been forced to eat their own pets and grass.

Meanwhile, to pressure the starving people of Madaya even more, some Assad supporters were taunting them on line with pictures of food.

Finally, after a massive social media campaign and pressure from the international community, food convoys have been allowed through by the Assad regime and Hezbollah.  UN war crimes investigators are now gathering testimony from the citizens of Madaya. Using food as a weapon is a war crime, no matter who does it, the Syrian regime and its allies or the rebels.

This is by far the darkest hour of the Hezbollah movement which claims to be the defender of Arabs. And this is why the standing of Hezbollah and Iran has been falling among many Palestinians to new lows.

The report below by Al Jazeera describes the situation in Maya after the aid convoys arrived.

For viewers in the US who can not access the report below, this link is recommended.