Shoving a disabled Palestinian off a wheelchair is incitement too

We in Israel often complain about Palestinian incitement, with good reason. Palestinian media has aired and continues to air propaganda against Israel, which at times is out right antisemitic.

But we have to remember that some of our actions in the West Bank against Palestinians inadvertently incite violence too.

Like yesterday when a border policeman shoved a disabled Palestinian off his wheelchair. Now I know some may say this incident happened very soon after an attempted Palestinian stabbing attack. Yes it did. But in the world would justify throwing a disabled person sitting on a wheelchair onto the ground? And do you not think this video which is being viewed all over Palestine and the Arab world is not going to incite violence?

And is this the first time unjustified violence has been used? what about the time  when Lt Col Eisner smacked an unarmed Danish activist in the face with his rifle? He was barred from command positions for two years! Thats it? are you kidding me? Now let me ask you a question: if a uniformed officer hit you like this, would you not demand the perpetrator to be sent to jail? would you not think at the very least that its the minimum fair punishment?

Yes Israel has enemies and yes we are living in a war zone. I have no problem with attacks against Hamas terrorists or people who want to stab or shoot others. But lets be honest, some of our own actions like this incident are not only immoral, they fuel the fires of hate and incitement, with NO justification at all. Zero.