Will #Iran Conservatives bus in 1 million voters to Tehran?

Right before the March elections in Israel, in a video Prime Minister Netanyahu warned the voters that:

“The right-wing government is in danger. Arab voters are going en masse to the polls. Left-wing NGOs are bringing them on buses,” he said.

Voters being brought on buses en masse is now worrying Iran moderates for tomorrow’s Parliament and Assembly of Expert elections.

According to the deputy head of the moderate “E’etemad Melli” party, the Conservative Osulgarayan supporters have secretly planned to bring in one million voters to vote for their candidates in Tehran tomorrow. Iran’s Interior Minister warned yesterday that organizing the mass movement of voters in such a manner would be illegal and that it would be confronted.

It is estimated that every day, at least one million people, some even say 2 million commute to Tehran to work.

Such reports, if true can clearly be interpreted as a sign of panic by the hard liners. Even if half that number is realized. Why? because there are 8 million eligible voters in the Capital city and Rouhani has a lot of support in Tehran.

The recent message by Iran’s former Reformist president Mohamamd Khatami (who is still very popular, especially in Tehran)  as well as Rouhani’s call for people to vote could mean the hard liners en up losing at least 30 seats in the parliament. This is in addition to notable Assembly of Expert members such as Jannati, Mesbah Yazdi and Ayatollah Yazdi being pushed out due to smaller number of votes in Tehran.

Lets see what happens. The odds are still stacked against Rouhani and Reformists elsewhere in Iran.