#Iran leader places responsibility for crossing red lines on Zarif

During his Persian new year (Nowruz) speech, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah talked about the nuclear negotiations. While stating that the deal and the negotiators were approved, Iran’s supreme leader stated “regarding some issues, our respected Foreign Minister told me that we (meaning the foreign minister) could not keep some of the Red lines”.

This sounds to me like passing the buck. Because there is no way that foreign minister Zarif could make such a statement after the deal. The entire deal would have been reviewed and approved by the supreme leader’s representatives before Zarif could agree to it. This includes all the crossed lines.

Counterintuitively, by passing the responsibility for crossing red lines to Zarif, the supreme leader could make him even more popular, because the nuclear deal is popular with the majority of Iranians. With such a statement, Zarif looks even more as the enabler. As the man who saved Iran’s economy by reaching the nuclear deal.