#Israel: The Left vs The Right on the recent shooting in Hebron

Last week an injured Palestinian was shot to death by an IDF soldier in Hebron. The soldier has since been arrested and is facing manslaughter charges.

The incident sparked off an intense debate in Israel, with those who believe that the soldier was right to kill the injured Palestinian and those who believe that he was wrong. Both the public and the politicians joined in the debate, which was almost always in Hebrew.

Now you can get a taste of the debate in English. Below is a debate hosted by Tal Shalev on i24 news. On the Left side of the argument we have Gideon Levy who is a columnist at the Leftist Haaretz newspaper, and on the Right we have Boaz Bismuth, foreign affairs editor at the Conservative Israel Hayom publication.

So is the soldier a hero or a villain? Lets hear what both sides have to say.