#Iran – #Israel and the S-300 Missile System

There are reports that Russia is about to deliver the S-300 air defense missiles systems to Iran. This the same system which was supposed to have been delivered to Iran in 2008. The Iranians have been waiting for them ever since.

So how dangerous are these missiles to Israel?

Well, first and foremost we have to see if the Russians actually deliver these missiles. There have been so many delays and games played by the Russians regarding the delivery of the S-300 that the Iranians should not open up the Aragh-e Sagi (عرق سگی) which is a locally produced Vodka, until they are actually touching the system on Iranian soil. Seeing will truly be believing.

Secondly, according to Reuters, Israel has already tested its aircraft against these missiles in Greece. This happened in April 2015. According to the same report:

The activation allowed Israel’s warplanes to test how the S-300’s lock-on system works, gathering data on its powerful tracking radar and how it might be blinded or bluffed.

And thirdly, the S-300 is an old system. So old that in 2011 the Russians have actually stopped manufacturing them. the Russians have already moved on to the S-400.

So lets keep things in proportion.