Why I hope Bernie #Sanders wins in New York

These are my reasons (as someone who lives in Israel and is not a U.S citizen):

  • He is strong supporter of Israel and here is just one reason why I believe this to be the case
  • He is likely to take the peace process seriously, more than any other current standing US presidential candidate
  • He is committed to maintaining U.S military support for Israel
  • I don’t see anything wrong with him saying that Palestinians should also be respected. Both sides should be respected and listened to. I say that as a long time backer of targeted assassination of Hamas terrorists. There is a time for talking and respect, and time for war. We have too much time for war.
  • He wants to increase minimum wage for U.S workers.
  • He seems to be more interested in and serious about addressing poverty in the U.S than any other candidate.
  • He is Jewish. There are only 14 million of us in this entire world. As a Jew, I would be proud to see someone like Bernie Sanders in the White House.