Video: Iraqis chant “#Iran out”

Three days ago, supporters of the Shiite Iraqi cleric Muqtada Al Sadr stormed into the Iraqi parliament.

Once inside many started taking selfies, as well as chanting against the current Prime Minister Ebadi, whom they believe is not doing to tackle the problem of corruption in the Iraqi government.

As Muqtada Al Sadr studied in Iran for a number of years, some believed that the attack against the parliament and the prime minister were part of an “Iranian plot”.

However, a video is circulating the internet which shows his supporters at a rally chanting an anti-Iran slogan which called for Iran to leave Iraq.

It could be because Muqtada Al Sadr feels that he is being overshadowed by other Iraqi Shia militia and political groups in Iraq, so he has decided to show his nationalist colours.