Happy birthday to my beloved #Israel

Happy 68th birthday to my beloved country, the state of Israel.

You excite me and give me enthusiasm, vision, and motivation.

You are imperfect, but you are mine. Ours. No country has ever made me feel so welcome and so much part of its people and history. You just accept me for who I am and what I am: an Iranian – Israeli. You accept my language, my culture, and my roots which belong to a proud 2500 year history from Iran.

Thank you God for allowing me to live in a generation where we Jews have our own state. A generation where we no longer have to beg other countries and foreign politicians to save us from gas ovens, from pogroms and from daily humiliations (and in most cases they ignored our tears, screams of pain and agony).  Had Israel not existed we would have had to still beg from foreign politicians like Ken Livingstone to protect us. Judging by his deathly silence towards the massacres in Syria being perpetrated by the Assad regime, he would not do much, and consequently , there would not be much left from our people, again.

I wish all minorities around the world who aspire to have their own country the very best and a speedy realization of their dreams, especially the Kurdish people and our neighbors whom I respect tremendously: the Palestinian people.