#Iran regime Holocaust cartoon competition run by an antisemitic Holocaust denier

The Iranian regime is currently running a Holocaust cartoon competition, much to the anger of people outside, and most probably inside of Iran.

The regime and the exhibition organizer (absurdly) claim that the competition is not antisemitic!

shojayee tabatabayee
MasoudShojayeeTabatabayee , one of the main organizers of the Holocaust competition.

However, not only the racist and offensive cartoons displayed at the exhibition prove otherwise, so does the background of Masoud Shojayee Tabatabayee who is one of the main organizers of this event. He was also in charge of the previous Holocaust cartoon competition held in Iran as well.

Tabatabayee publicly stated in January 2015 that:

one of the reasons behind the hosting of a previous Holocaust cartoon competition was “in order to show that the Holocaust is a big lie for the occupation of Palestine”.

He is clearly an anti-semitic Holocaust denier.

I am all for engagement with the people of Iran. People should visit Iran and talk to the people of Iran. They should get to know them and their culture. Lets also not forget that Iranians sheltered Jews fleeing the Nazis and an Iranian diplomat in France helped Jews escape the Nazis. So engaging the Iranian public is one way to fight the hate which the regime is trying to create.

The other way is to condemn such acts at every juncture. Making sinister use of and insulting the death of six million dead people, 1.5 million of whom were children is the epitome of sick racism being propagated by a regime which demands respect from the international community. With such behavior, it deserves anything but.