Do the Saudis fund #ISIS or Al Qaeda?

Here is a question which needs to be answered: do the Saudis assist other Salafist groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda? If they do, how, and through whom? And what is the role of the Saudi government?

Does the US have a grand strategy in the Middle East? Or does Washington simply react to events in the region?

How do the Iranians see Saudi – US relations?

What should the U.S do in the Middle East before its “pivot to Asia”?

These are some of the important questions addressed in this 18 minute clip, by two prominent experts: Professor Gregory Gause who specializes in Saudi Arabia, and Professor Mohsen Milani who specializes in Iranian affairs. You can find the entire conference here (session 1, session 2)

Their remarks were part of a conference hosted by Denver University’s Josef Corbel School of International Studies on May 2nd this year. A big congratulation to its organizers.