Tel Aviv, my beautiful city of iron willed people

Today, two days after the recent terror attack in my city, I took the photo below on Dizengoff street. It was, as always full of people going about their business, and enjoying the start of the weekend.

Its as if nothing happened. In fact, less than half a day after the murderous terror attack in Sarona market, the very same café where the attack took place was full again. The message is clear: we will not be beaten by assassins who shoot unarmed people in the head and face from 10 centimeters away.

It seems that quoting Yitzhak Rabin in my tweet last night pissed some people off, because I mentioned the word “peace” supposedly “too soon”. Tough. I believe in every word I quoted. I believe that defending ourselves against armed terrorists who wants us dead no matter what, is justified and must continue. At the same time, I DO NOT BELIEVE that discriminating against local inhabitants in the West Bank based on their race when it comes to important issues such as water and land appropriation as its happening will EVER bring us security.

I end with the words of the father of Ido Ben Ari, who spoke at the funeral of his son today:

 “The leaders we elect at democratic elections are supposed to find a strategic solution, which demands far-reaching vision, concessions, a creative solution, and not mantras and laundered words.