#Iran leader publicly undermines Rouhani

In his latest speech, Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei stated a public lie, right in front of President Rouhani and Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani.

The lie was (below you can see the video):

“It was the duty of the other side (meaning the US) to remove the sanctions, but it has not removed them”.

He then went on to state some secondary sanctions have been removed, but the primary ones have remained. Referring to Rouhani and his government, the supreme leader then went on to ask “those in charge” not to keep saying that sanctions have been removed.

The primary sanctions, meaning those relating to Iran’s support for terrorism and abuse of human rights were NEVER part of the nuclear deal. America NEVER agreed to remove them as part of the agreement. Yet Khamenei’s statement would leave those who are unfamiliar with the terms of the deal to believe that they should have been.

Contrary to the supreme leader’s statement, the Americans HAVE removed all the sanctions which they had to remove as part of the nuclear agreement. America has lived up to its signed commitments, until now. So has Iran.

So Iran’s most powerful man just stated a lie, an embarrassing one at that, right in front of Rouhani and Larijani. Why did he do this? Well it could be a host of reasons. One reason could be because Khamenei is playing to his domestic Conservative audience who was against the deal.

Whatever the reason, such a move by the supreme leader undermines Rouhani. It makes him and all those who supported the deal look like failures. It will now expose them to even more attacks from hardliners.

Lets remember that Rouhani made all decisions during the nuclear negotiations with the full agreement of the supreme leader, who knew that only non-nuclear sanctions will be removed.

You can see the clip (in Persian) here:

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