The UAV which penetrated Israel airspace from #Syria was…Israeli made?!

In July an unknown UAV penetrated Israel’s airspace from Syria. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) did everything to bring it down, to no avail. This included firing patriot missiles and sending an F-16 fighter jet to shoot down the drone, all of which proved to be unsuccessful. Because of its small size and agility, the UAV stayed in Israeli airspace for apparently half an hour, which must have seemed like an eternity to the IDF.

Well, the story just got more interesting.

According to Arie Egozi who writes for the reputable aviation magazine Flight Global, Israeli military sources now suggest that the UAV was probably:

a Searcher 2 designed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) which was being operated by Russian forces deployed within Syria.

So it was one of our own UAVs which we sold to Russia. So that also means that the Russians are most probably using Israeli made UAVs in their campaign to defend Iran and Hezbollah’s ally Bashar Al Assad in Syria! These spy drones were sold to Russia in 2010 as part pf a $400 million arms package, well before the Syrian civil war started, but as history has shown, you never know where your weapons end up at.