US regime change vs Russian regime change

US Regime Change

The United States carried out regime change in Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) through the use of military force.
Cost in terms of human lives= thousands of US lives and hundreds of thousands of lives of local people.
Total price tag = approximately 5 Trillion dollars (minimum).

Russian Regime Change

Putin carried out his own version of regime change in the US in November 2016 by manipulating the presidential elections with “leaks”.
Cost in terms of human lives= zero.
Total price tag = probably a couple of million of dollars, at most.

Let me be clear as I can: in my opinion, Trump would not have won without the Russian “leaks” of Hillary Clinton’s and other prominent Democrat’s emails. Putin knew this, which is why he leaked them, and more importantly, which is why he DID NOT leak GOP information which his intelligence agencies had hacked into through GOP servers. Had he done so, they would have reduced the chances of a Trump victory. Otherwise why not release those emails too?
Perhaps its time to add the term “cyber putsch” to our political vocabulary.