In 2011, using military means, #Iran regime tried scuttle #Obama outreach

No one in the post revolutionary history of the Islamic Republic of Iran tried as hard as Obama to improve ties with both the regime and the government in Tehran. This scared some hardliners, who live off animosity towards the US in order to divert attention from massive corruption and mismanagement at home. Other hardliners saw Obama’s outreach as a sign of weakness. Both reasons could explain why in 2011 Iran hardliners risked conflict with the US by directing proxy attacks against US forces in Iraq which cost American lives.

According to today’s (must read) article in the Washington Post:

The Iranian-supplied rockets were raining down on Gen. James N. Mattis’s troops throughout the spring and summer of 2011 with greater and greater intensity. Six American soldiers were killed by a volley in eastern Baghdad in early June.

The report then goes on to state:

A few weeks later, three more Americans died in a similar strike, driving the monthly death toll to 15. It was the worst month for U.S. troops in Iraq in more than two years, and Iran’s proxies
were vowing more rockets and more bloodshed.

And this wasn’t the only time. In October 2011 it was discovered that the Iranian regime had been planning to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, a move which would also have risked US lives and a US reaction, had it succeeded.

Such risky military adventurism by the Iranian regime during Obama’s term as president are a clear sign of how reluctant the Iranian regime was to improve relations. So reluctant in fact, that it was willing to risk escalation in hostilities, which could potentially have lead to military confrontation.

Such new developments also further undermine the theory of “Israelization” of US’s Iran policy by Trita Parsi. A theory which as he explained is based on the notion that among all the factors, when it comes to the most powerful reason why the US views the Iranian regime with hostility, it is Israel and “Israelization” of US policy towards Iran in the Congress. And not the killing of US soldiers, kidnappings of US citizens and the tortured relationship between the US and Iran such as the 1979 hostage crisis which had nothing to do with Israel.