Another reason why the #Iran – North Korea comparison is wrong

Back in March 2013 when North Korea carried out an underground nuclear test, some said that this may encourage Iran to defy the international community and build a nuclear bomb. I published this piece in The Diplomat arguing the opposite: that in fact the North Korean experience is likely to deter Iran – mainly for economic reasons.

And now the North Korean comparison is being conjured up again, based on the assumption that the military option is viable against North Korea.

The below piece of investigative journalism by The Wall Street Journal Youtube Channel shows otherwise.

Based on investigate analysis work from open source intelligence sources, Jeffrey Lewis at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies and his colleagues show that when it comes to the military option against North Korea being a viable option, how the Trump administration is getting it wrong. And the findings of his work show how North Korea is still the wrong example to use when it comes to comparing it to Iran – this time mainly for military nuclear capability reasons.