#Israel army supports keeping the #Iran nuclear deal

In a recent exclusive interview with Bloomberg, General Yitzhak Ben Israel, also known as Israel’s Rocket Man states how he [still] supports keeping the Iran nuclear deal. He is not alone. The Israeli army’s top echelon also wants to keep the deal. So do a host of other former Mossad and SHABAK chiefs who during their career have sat through thousands of hours of briefings on Israel’s security, including issues relating to Iran. Even former Defense Minister Ehud Barak who was in favor of bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities now believes we should keep it.

Trump and Netanyahu are acting out of political considerations. If their assessments that by nixing the Iran deal the security of Israel would be enhanced, the upper echelons of the Israeli Defense Forces would support their threat. It does not.

And if Trump thinks that by cancelling the sale of Boeing passenger aircraft to Iran he will be “fixing the deal”, he is very mistaken. He will be breaking it (1), and with that, he’ll be jeopardizing the security of the state of Israel.

(1)- see page 14 of the nuclear agreement