Begging #Palestine to recognize #Israel as a Jewish state is a feeble excuse

So let me get this straight:

So despite all this, Netanyahu will not make peace with the Palestinians, until they recognize Israel as a Jewish state as well….thats a feeble excuse for not making peace…and its makes Israel looks very weak, because we know that we are a Jewish state and that Israel is a strong country. But to Netanyhau, unless a state that is not even born yet (i.e Palestine) recognizes Israel as a Jewish state, then we could fold…everything could just fall apart…

If you know what you are and are sure and secure about it, you don’t need to beg others to approve you.

Until then the pre-condition that Palestinians must recognize Israel as Jewish state (as well) is a poor excuse. We are not shrinking violets or snow flakes that could melt if they don’t..enough already.