In less than 24 hours, key Netanyahu assessment on #Iran is altered

On the 30th of April, during his live presentation, Netanyahu presented a slide with potentially explosive information: stating that Iran is currently carrying out its clandestine military nuclear program in 2018, as part of the SPND project.

That information was presented as part of a slide entitled “Today this work [nuclear military program] is carried out by SPND”. This was huge. By stating this, Netanyahu was basically stating that Iran is cheating the P5+1 and the Iran nuclear deal.

But it took one day for the Netanyahu administration to go back on this key assessment.

The next day, as noted by I24 news senior defense correspondent Shai Ben Ari, in the copy of the slides sent to journalists, the slide entitled “Today this work is carried out by SPND” is altered. It now simply said “SPND”. In other words, Netanyahu is no longer claiming that Iran is currently carrying out a clandestine military nuclear program.

A big reversal. And it took less than 24 hours.

This could explain why the Trump administration also had to correct its “clerical error” by changing its statement from Iran “has a robust, clandestine nuclear weapons program” to “had”.