Netanyahu offer to share water technology with Iranians has proven to be VERY popular

Last night Netanyahu appeared in a video in which he offered to share water technology with the people of Iran. The video has been produced with English and Farsi subtitles.

To further facilitate this process, a special channel has also been created on the popular messaging application Telegram. The channel is in Farsi and you can see it here.

This morning, at about 11 am Israel time, I looked at the number of people who had subscribed to the channel and saw 33,000 people had joined. I though “wow”. At the time of writing this note, its almost 11 pm here in Tel Aviv and the number of subscribers has jumped to more than 82,000 people!!! More than 50,000 in a single day (at least). Thats just phenomenal!!!

So what has happened? Why is Netanyhau these days addressing the people of Iran instead of attacking the regime constantly as was the case before?

It may be that he has new Iran advisors.

It may also be because Obama is no longer in office. When it came to Iran, Obama used to drive Netanyahu and his supporters absolutely crazy. They were convinced that Obama was gonna “give away” to anything and everything that the Iranians demanded in the nuclear negotiations, because Obama was “desperate” and “naive” and because Rouhani was able to buy him with his “smile”.

Now that Trump is in charge, it seems to me Netanyahu is more relaxed because when it comes to Iran, he trusts him more. And this has allowed Netanyahu to focus on other issues relating to Iran, such as its 80 million people.

Personally, I am opposed to Trump’s decision to walk away from the Iran deal. But lets hope that he succeeds in getting a better deal, whatever that may be. I wish Trump the best because if he fails, what Robert Deniro desired for Trump at last night’s Tony Awards may end up being our fate in the Middle East.