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اخیرا رضا پهلوی در معبدی در ژاپن گردش میکرد و ناگهان با گروه توریستی از #ایران روبرو شد…واکنششون رو ببینید – Reza Pahlavi was recently touring a shrine in Japan where he came across a group of tourists from #Iran- look at their reaction

22 Mar

My latest article: The sky is the limit for #China and #Israel

21 Mar

In 25 years, China – Israel bilateral trade has increased by 22,000%:

“Today, on top of diplomatic relations, China is Israel’s biggest trading partner in Asia, and its third largest worldwide. Bilateral trade between them stands at 11 billion US dollars. This is a major leap when we consider the fact that in 1992, the bilateral trade figure stood at a mere 50 million US dollars.”

You can read the entire article here

از تل اویو: سال نو و عید نوروز مبارک

20 Mar

بودجه سال ۹۶: بنازم به این بودجه فرهنگی موسسات خاص 

16 Mar
لیست موسسات در صدر جدول را رو بخوانید و ….

Interview: Javad Zarif, Netanyahu, Purim and Iran

15 Mar

In my latest interview for i24 news, I discuss Netanyahu’s recent statement on “Persians” and Purim, its damaging implications for Israel, the response by Javad Zarif, antisemitism in Iran which as I mentioned in my last blog has always existed and why its important to respect the cultural sensibilities of Persians.

And apologies for getting slightly agitated. I am usually calm 🙂 This whole recent Purim and “Persians” episode by Netanyahu has touched a raw nerve.

On #Purim, Israel’s Prime Minister needs to learn Jewish history

12 Mar

First he told Putin during his recent visit to Moscow and now in a new video message Israel’s Prime Minister states that in Purim, the “Persians” wanted to kill us and now the “Persians” still want to kill us.

Netanyahu seems to be ignorant about Jewish history:

  • Haman who wanted to kill the Jews in the story of Purim was not a Persian. He was an Agagtie. Had Prime Minister Netanyahu bothered to read the book of Esther he would have seen that Haman is clearly refereed to as an “Agagi”.
  • Xerxus I the King of Persia was not aware that Haman the Agagite wanted to destroy Persia’s Jewish community. Had Prime Minister Netanyahu bothered to read the book of Esther he would have seen that Haman was hiding his evil plan from him. And once he found out, Xerxus I the King of Persia, saved the Jews and had Haman the Agagite killed instead. So the King of Persia saved the Jewish community, in direct contrast to what Netanyahu has stated.

No one is saying there has never been antisemitism in Iran’s history. There has. But Persians are proud of their history, just as Israelis are. And many of them are finding Netanyahu labeling the entire Persian race as antisemites who want to kill Jews as repulsive, and this deteriorates relations between the two people. Its also very wrong. The current regime in Iran has a far more so called Islamic character than Persian. And lets not forget that on many occasions Persians also saved Jews. 

The same goes for Netanyahu’s twisted interpretation of the Purim story which many Iranians are finding wrong and repulsive. If anything, with such defamatory accusations, Netanyahu is providing free service to Ayatollah Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards who want to turn Iran’s population into Israel’s enemies.

Israel’s problem is with the Iranian regime which hosts Holocaust cartoon competitions and repeatedly calls for Israel’s destruction and not with “Persians”. “Persians” don’t want to kill Jews. Majority of Persians and other Iranians just want to feed their families and to improve relations with the outside world, in direct contrast to the regime in Tehran policies and Netanyahu’s portrayal of them.

مصاحبه با بی بی سی​ فارسی: چشم امید اسرائیل به اتحاد با کشورهای عرب علیه ایران

9 Mar
بنیامین نتانیاهو، نخست‌وزیر اسرائیل که در جلس این کشور صحبت می‌کرد، گفت که اسرائیل، امروزه یک قدرت بلامنازع دیپلماتیک و نظامی در منطقه خاور میانه است و تازه، دارد قوی‌تر هم می‌شود. ‏

​در مورد دلایل این اظهارات اخیر نخست وزیر اسرائیل و تا چه حد اسرائیل قادر به بهبود روابط خود با کشورهای حاشیه خلیج فارس خواهد بود با بی بی سی فارسی گفتگو کردم.