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یک شاخص عمق فساد در سیستم بانکی ایران

13 Feb ahmad khatami

Interview: Trump, Twitter, and Iran’s latest missile test

4 Feb newmissile

Short radio interview with RTE (Ireland) Radio on Iranian domestic and foreign policy dynamics and implications of the recent missile test, and Trump’s twitter warfare with Iran.


مصاحبه : دلایل تخلیه یک شهرک و گسترش شهرک دیگر در کرانه باختری

2 Feb Mahmoud_Abbas_September_2014

درمصاحبه امروزم با بی بی سی فارسی در مورد تصمیم اخیر دولت اسرائیل گفتگو کردم. امیدوارم که براتون جالب و مفید باشه. متشکر میشم اگر به اشتراک بگذارید.

گل به خودی جدید نتانیاهو ؟

25 Jan netan-small
دیروز دولت اسرائیل طرح ساخت ۲۵۰۰ واحد مسکونی جدید در کرانه غربی رود اردن را تصویب کرد.
با رادیو بی بی سی فارسی در مورد عواقب این تصمیم گفتگو کردم.
امیدوارم که براتون جالب و مفید باشه. متشکر میشم اگر به اشتراک بگذارید .

​نمایشگاه کاریکاتور قربانیان #پلاسکو؟

24 Jan plasco
خدا قربانیان پلاسکو را رحمت کنه. روحشون شاد. یادشان گرامی. دعا گو شفا تمام مجروحین این فاجعه هستیم.
حالا تجسم کنید اگر کشور دیگری در مورد مرگ دلخراش این قربانیان بیگناه نمایشگاه کاریکاتور برگزار میکرد, مثل نمایشگاه های کاریکاتور هولوکاست در جمهوری اسلامی.
خدا را شکر در جهان حکومت دیگری که به این حد پست فطرت باشه وجود نداره.فقط یک حکومت: جمهوری اسلامی ولایت فقیه.

Netanyahu reaches out to the depth of #Iran, an Iranian reaches out to the depths of Netanyahu

22 Jan Benjamin_Netanyahu_portrait

Yesterday Netanyahu recorded a video message to the people of Iran. You can watch it below.

My thoughts:

  • He did well to show respect to the proud history of the Iranian people, and their rich culture.
  • To mention that he yearns for the day when Israelis and Iranians can meet each other in Tehran or Tel Aviv.
  • A good idea altogether to start some kind of communication with the people of Iran.
  • Whatever one may think of Netanyahu, this message is infinitely better than anything we in Israel have received from an Iranian politician or a leader since 1979.

Such a positive message is likely to resonate with some segments of the Iranian population, as long as Netanyahu does not try to “unwind” the Iran nuclear deal as he told 60 Minutes program that he will advise Trump to do so.

Considering the fact that Iran has stood by the terms of the agreement, should Netahyahu’s plan with Trump succeed and the nuclear deal is annulled, re-imposition of sanctions against the people of Iran will make this message meaningless, and soon forgotten.

Lets remember that the Israeli nuclear energy commission has endorsed the Iran deal. This is in addition to a recent intelligence assessment which advises against pushing Trump to cancel the Iran deal. Lets add two former Israeli army Military Intelligence commanders (Yadlin and Farkash) to this list as well.

Lets see how his trip to the U.S goes and whether he succeeds where he failed with Obama. Or whether the recent corruption scandals sabotage Netanyahu’s career before he gets to sabotage the Iran deal.

Whatever happens, whether in Washington or in Jerusalem, Netanyahu can’t get away from Iran. After all, the Police commander in charge of  his current investigation is a former Paratroop Company commander who joined the Israeli police in 1996. And his name? Korosh Barnur!

دعا گو هستم برای آتش نشانان, ایکاش میشد کمک بفرستیم

19 Jan plasco