#Israel was right to bomb #Syria

5 Apr
  1. The repeated use of chemical weapons by Assad prove that Israel’s reported attack against Assad’s nuclear reactor in 2007 was a correct decision. Someone who has gassed his own countrymen on so many occasions must not be allowed to develop anything near a nuclear capability. Shame we couldn’t bomb his chemical weapons facilities out of existence too.

  2. Nasrallah has publicly threatened to unleash Ammonia gas against Israeli citizens by threatening to attack the Haifa Ammonia gas tank in the next war with his missiles. Therefore reported Israeli attacks against his weapons convoys from Syria are justified & should continue.

  3. Recent chemical attacks show that Assad has lied to the international community and to the Russians. He has not destroyed his chemical arsenal as he was supposed to.

  4. In case you were wondering why any of the Sunni countries in the region are quietly improving relations with Israel against the Iranian regime: Tehran is the biggest financial sponsor of Assad, the Middle Eastern leader who has killed and maimed more of his own population than any other Arab leader.

  5. Remember that people who want Assad to stay in the international are unlikely to want their own leader to stay, had he behaved towards them as Assad has behaved towards his own people.

  6. Assad has become the third member on the list of Arab leaders who have used chemical weapons against other Arabs/Muslims. First was Jamal Abdel Nasser who gassed Yemenis, then Saddam who gassed Kurds and Iranians.

سالگرد رفراندوم :علامت آگاهی رهبران جمهوری اسلامی از مخالفت مردم با سیستم ولایت فقیه

1 Apr

اخیرا رضا پهلوی در معبدی در ژاپن گردش میکرد و ناگهان با گروه توریستی از #ایران روبرو شد…واکنششون رو ببینید – Reza Pahlavi was recently touring a shrine in Japan where he came across a group of tourists from #Iran- look at their reaction

22 Mar

My latest article: The sky is the limit for #China and #Israel

21 Mar

In 25 years, China – Israel bilateral trade has increased by 22,000%:

“Today, on top of diplomatic relations, China is Israel’s biggest trading partner in Asia, and its third largest worldwide. Bilateral trade between them stands at 11 billion US dollars. This is a major leap when we consider the fact that in 1992, the bilateral trade figure stood at a mere 50 million US dollars.”

You can read the entire article here

از تل اویو: سال نو و عید نوروز مبارک

20 Mar

بودجه سال ۹۶: بنازم به این بودجه فرهنگی موسسات خاص 

16 Mar
لیست موسسات در صدر جدول را رو بخوانید و ….

Interview: Javad Zarif, Netanyahu, Purim and Iran

15 Mar

In my latest interview for i24 news, I discuss Netanyahu’s recent statement on “Persians” and Purim, its damaging implications for Israel, the response by Javad Zarif, antisemitism in Iran which as I mentioned in my last blog has always existed and why its important to respect the cultural sensibilities of Persians.

And apologies for getting slightly agitated. I am usually calm 🙂 This whole recent Purim and “Persians” episode by Netanyahu has touched a raw nerve.