#Russia + #Iran tipped off #Erdogan about the impending coup

10 Aug erdogan

According to an articles published yesterday August 9th in The Independent by Robert Fisk:

For what is becoming ever clearer is that – and this is called the kicker to the story – Russia and, indeed, Iran played an intelligence role in warning Erdogan of the military coup plotted against him.

Fisk goes on to state:

The Arabs have already been told by their Russian collocutors that Putin, being the old KGB boss that he was, personally sent a message to Erdogan after learning of the coup from Turkish army communications, which were picked up and listened to by Russian technicians at their air base just outside Latakia in Syria.

And what about Iran? According to Robert Fisk:

The Iranians – who would be happy to see Turkey turned against their Sunni Islamist enemies in Syria – also tipped off Erdogan about the coup, so the Arabs have been told.

با عرض تبریک خدمت هموطنان اسرائیلیم

9 Aug israel-flag

من جای اوباما بودم, به احمدی نژاد اینجوری جواب میدادم

8 Aug 384px-BarackObamaportrait


In a Tel Aviv bookstore: a copy of an Iranian cultural treasure

5 Aug maxresdefault (1)

جنبه زیبای فرهنگ #ایران، در یک کتابفروشی در تل اویو. باعث افتخار.

A photo posted by Meir Javedanfar مئیر جاودانفر (@meirja) on

یک معجزه ایرانی

2 Aug moses

Inside #Iran | Special Report

1 Aug Ali_Khamenei_(cropped).jpeg

Sky news correspondent Dominic Waghorn just spent some time in Iran, speaking to the public and officials.

His report is interesting, especially the part where a religious girl apologizes for chanting “Death to England” in front of a reporter who turns out to be British…

What does the head of the CIA think about #Assad, #Russia in #Syria

31 Jul
  • What is the endgame in Syria?
  • Does the US want the Assad regime to implode?
  • Does Russia have any legitimate concerns regarding the terror threat posed by Islamist extremists in Syria?

These are some of the questions answered this weekend by CIA chief John Brennan at the Aspen Security Forum.

You can watch the full session with him here.


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