Another reason why the #Iran – North Korea comparison is wrong

18 Oct

Back in March 2013 when North Korea carried out an underground nuclear test, some said that this may encourage Iran to defy the international community and build a nuclear bomb. I published this piece in The Diplomat arguing the opposite: that in fact the North Korean experience is likely to deter Iran – mainly for economic reasons.

And now the North Korean comparison is being conjured up again, based on the assumption that the military option is viable against North Korea.

The below piece of investigative journalism by The Wall Street Journal Youtube Channel shows otherwise.

Based on investigate analysis work from open source intelligence sources, Jeffrey Lewis at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies and his colleagues show that when it comes to the military option against North Korea being a viable option, how the Trump administration is getting it wrong. And the findings of his work show how North Korea is still the wrong example to use when it comes to comparing it to Iran – this time mainly for military nuclear capability reasons.

رژیم اسد: مصرف کننده تاریخی اصطلاح “خلیج ع-ر-ب”

14 Oct

 رژیم بشر ال اسد که تا حالا میلیاردها میلیارد دلار از بیت المال ایران کمک گرفته و چند صد ایرانی جان خود را برای نجات این رژیم فدا کردند سالهاست که رسما از اصطلاح “خلیج ع-ر-ب” استفاده کرده و میکنه. چرا تاحالا جیک جمهوری اسلامی و طرفدارانش در نیومده ؟  ​


On top of a mistaken policy, #Trump made a number of factual errors

13 Oct

My comments on Trump’s speech tonight outlining his Iran strategy during an I24NEWS panel.

I address the factual mistakes he made, why I disagree with his policy of de-certifying the deal and why I agree with his policy of more sanctions against the IRGC. I also debate a Republican Congressman on some of the points raised by Trump.

مصاحبه با بی بی سی فارسی: اهداف سفر نتانیاهو به آمریکای لاتین

12 Sep
در مصاحبه امروزم با رادیو بی بی سی فارسی, اهداف سفر نتانیاهو به ۳ کشور آرژانتین, کلمبیا و مکزیک را مطرح کردم.
امیدوارم که براتون جالب باشه.

پادکاست ۴ دقیقه از تل آویو: پشت پرده اختلاف بین قطر و عربستان

5 Jun
دلیل اصلی خصومت بین این دو کشور چیه ؟

مصاحبه: عواقب سفر ترامپ به خاور میانه برای ایران و اسرائیل

23 May
سفر ترامپ آیا میتونه روی ایران تاثیر گزار باشه؟
آیا ترامپ میتونه صلح بین اسرائیل و فلسطین صلح ایجاد کنه؟
چرا بنجامین نتانیاهو از ترامپ بیشتر حسابه میبره؟
در مورد این مسائل ساعت شش بامداد تل آویو با بی سی فارسی گفتگو کردم.
امیدوارم که براتون جالب باشه.

The winning formula of #Rouhani

19 May

Tonight’s interview with I24 news in Jaffa port, Israel, on tomorrow’s elections in Iran. My two cents on why the recent election campaign was unprecedented in terms of  narratives, especially by Rouhani and his potentially winning formula.

Was great to share the panel with Tara Kangarlou.