A Tehran – Tel Aviv – Cambridge – Washington DC Panel on #Iran Elections

A conversation between Iran observers and experts in Iran, Israel, US and the UK will take place online, the night before the upcoming Iran presidential elections.

Panel title: On the Eve of the 2021 Iranian Elections: What Can We Expect?


Professor Sadegh Zibakalam from Tehran

Meir Javedanfar from Tel Aviv

Alex Vatanka from Washington DC and

Professor Roxanne Farmanfarmaian from Cambridge


Thursday 17 June 2021


18:30 to 20:00 (UK time)

20:30 – 22:00 (Israel Time)

13:30-15:00 (Eastern Standard Time)

You can register to attend the event online below:


This event is hosted by

The International Team for the Study of Security Verona

Department of War Studies, King’s College

on trump’s new banking sanctions against iran

According to the AP: today, the Trump administration imposed new sanctions as a result of which virtually all of Iran’s financial sector has been blacklisted.

In my opinion, these new sanctions are:

1. a last ditch effort by Trump to force #Iran to negotiate before US elections. Trump wants to tell voters his Iran pressure policy worked.

2- Iran banks are already blacklisted by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force). This is because Iran failed to ratify anti-money laundering conventions. Therefore, I am not sure how much more damage Trump’s new banking sanctions can cause.