Documentary: BMX Biking in #Iran

30 Aug Bmx_santa_monica_beach

A small group of BMX bikers visited Iran in October 2015 and made a documentary about their experiences there.

A very interesting short documentary about their encounters with the people of Iran, and biking with young Iranians. A must watch.

Quoted in the Moscow Times re: #Iran – #Russia and their #Assad policy

29 Aug Bashar_al_Assad

In the words of Javedanfar: “If the Russians and the Iranian regime think that with more bombs and closer military cooperation they can indefinitely keep a leader in power who has bombed, gassed, starved and tortured to death 200,000 of his people, they are delusional. Let’s see how many bombs, dead people in Syria and billions of dollars it will take them to find this out.”

You can read the rest of the article and my other quotes here

حسنی به مکتب نمیرفت, وقتی میرفت…

28 Aug Slovak_S-300

حسنی به مکتب نمیرفت, وقتی میرفت جمعه میرفت…حالا که برجام امضا شد و خطر حمله برطرف شد روسها اس ۳۰۰ رو تحویل میدند

The kind of Burkini which the French government does NOT have a problem with

25 Aug austria-ban-burqini-581976

زیبتاترین و مفیدترین جملات در زبان فارسی؟

24 Aug farsi_shekar_ast_3
در سال ۱۳۹۵:

تهران: خیابان شیخ النمر؟ بله. خیابان مصدق؟ نخیر

23 Aug nimr

حتی مقامهای مصری درقاهره خیابانی رو به نام محمد مصدق نامگذاری کرده اند


وزیر دفاع ایران امروز روسها را به بیمعرفتی متهم کرد

22 Aug 640px-Vladimir_Putin-6