#Iran regime proves NIAC theory wrong

18 Oct niac

Obama just loosened sanctions on Iran, relaxing rules on foreigners doing dollar-denominated transactions with businesses in the nation.

What did he get for it?

Two dual US nationals in Iran were today sentenced to 10 years in prison, including an 80 year old man.

No one in the post revolution history of Iran has tried as hard to improve relations with the regime, government and the people of Iran as President Obama. And the regime in Tehran has time and again humiliated Americans under his watch. First there was the US sailors incident, who after being caught were photographed on their knees. There is also the increasing number of dual US nationals being arrested in Iran.

This is in addition to the supreme leader of Iran personally denying the Holocaust, and then congratulating the organizers of the recent Holocaust cartoon competition in Tehran. The Holocaust is an important event not just to Israelis, but to Americans too. America is home to many Holocaust survivors and children of Holocaust victims. Numerous concentration camps were liberated by US forces during the second world war.

The destructive behavior of the Iranian regime, especially during the Obama administration who tried so hard to improve relations undermines the argument by Trita Parsi that the main driver behind US policies towards Iran is their “Israelization”. That basically among the different factors, the biggest factor why the US behaves towards Iran in the way it does is because of Israel and its influence in the US

Contrary to this claim, the Tehran regime has proven yet again that it plays a central role in how the US views Iran. Israel certainly has friends and influence on Capitol Hill and does play a role, but its role and influence are not the biggest reason behind US policies towards Iran. The people of America are not blind. They see the actions of Tehran regime, especially how it treats dual US citizens in Iran. 

More importantly, the regime in Tehran, far more than Israel insists on and is successful in worsening relations with the US. Sentencing an 80 years old US national to 10 years in prison on trumped up charges in a Kangaroo court like it did today, is just one sure way of doing that.

There are many other methods and the regime in Tehran has and will continue to use them, because the revolution has proven to be a failure and the Iranian regime desperately needs an enemy. This is why on numerous occasions when opportunities arise for improvement bilateral relations (such as the post nuclear deal period), the regime undermines them. And Israel can’t be blamed for that.

#Saudi siege starving the people of #Yemen is a terrible crime

18 Oct 2000px-Flag_of_Saudi_Arabia.svg

So whats the latest on the #Arab (#Egypt) street? MUST WATCH

16 Oct ap_egypt_protest_lt_130630

Many Middle East watchers have always wondered: whats the current feeling and topic of conversation on the “Arab” street? What are the people of Cairo, Amman, Riyadh and Tunisia discussing? whats the burning topic being discussed passionately on their streets?

Well, the clip below is a must watch, because I think there is a good chance that it reflects the feelings of many Egyptians. And perhaps other countries in the region too. I hope the guy being interviewed did not have a heart attack afterwards, because he seems to mean every word he says, with every bone in his entire body.

Please listen to what he says.

تحقیر دوباره ایران به دست روسیه

15 Oct 640px-Vladimir_Putin-6

​خدا عمر این مدیر مدرسه را طولانی کنه . الهی امن ​

7 Oct image25

پیغامی که مدیران مدرسه در سراسر جهان بایستی روی در مدرسه هایشان نصب کنند. به این مدیر مدرسه در ایران از ته قلب تبریک میگم.

#Putin wants to turn #Aleppo into Grozny (Chechnya)

5 Oct evstafiev-chechnya-palace-gunman

A recent commentary piece in Reuters puts Putin’s plans for Aleppo and his overall Syria strategy into perspective:

“Chechnya is the model for war in Syria, Grozny the model for the assault on Aleppo. For the Russian president, all talk of truce or negotiations is so much hypocrisy, entertained only as a diplomatic cover, with no intrinsic merit. For him – as the 2015 U.N. speech made clear – this is a war fought by terrorists against a legitimate government. Once such a war starts, the only route for the government is the use of unrelenting force against its foes. “

The article concludes by stating:

“It was the Russian leader’s introduction to a politics in which war and strength produced popularity at home – a route well-trodden in Ukraine, Crimea and now in Syria. It is ruthlessness in pursuit of power, and it makes a major player of a country much reduced in means. Aleppo is Russia’s realpolitik.”

To read the entire piece, read here

Wishing everyone a sweet Rosh Hashana, as sweet as the Sugar of Shiraz

2 Oct sugarofshiraz

May the year 5777 be a sweet year for all mankind, full of health, prosperity and peace.

Here is a wonderful clip from local folk singer called “the Sugar of Shiraz” from the city of Shiraz in Iran, who has moved to Israel…beautiful, and very sweet music.