And the Oscar goes to…Palestine?

This afternoon my wife and I went to the Tel Aviv Cinematheque to watch the Oscar nominated documentary “The Gatekeepers“. 

The movie hall was jam-packed. Not an empty seat could be found. We went to see it today only because there were no seats available last night.

The documentary was amazing. Six former heads of the SHABAK were interviewed about our conflict with the Palestinians. The people who were interviewed were in charge of recruiting spies, collecting information on Palestinians, arresting and in some cases ordering the assassination of Palestinian militants.

If anyone knows about the Israeli – Palestinian issue, it would be these Arabic speaking former heads of Israel’s domestic intelligence agency.

And their verdict? Israel is winning the battle but losing the war.

Thats it’s not just Palestinians who do not want peace, the same goes for Israel.

“Israel wanted peace and instead it got more terror, Palestinians wanted a state and instead they got mores settlements” says Ami Ayalon in the documentary.

The consensus was that we are not showing goodwill to the Palestinians either. That Hamas is not a partner for peace, Arafat was not, but nor are we since Netanyahu came to power in 1996.

These former spymasters criticize every Israeli premier since Rabin. This includes Ehud Barak who offered more than 90% of the West Bank to Arafat. Why? because apparently Barak was proud of building more in the settlements than any other premier before him.

When you leave the cinema, you leave with the sensation that when it comes to our conflict with the Palestinians, unless we embark on a serious peace plan, we are heading towards an impending disaster.

You get the same conclusion after watching the other Israeli nominated documentary “5 broken cameras“.

These documentaries are Israeli, but judging by their message, if any of them win, the Oscar will go to all those who want to see an independent Palestine next to the state of Israel.  I will drink a Lkhaim to that!

In the upcoming Oscar competition, to support Palestine, please support Israel.

Watch Oscar Nominated 5 Broken Cameras Documentary

This documentary is one PR disaster for the pro settlement movement which is going to strengthen its hold on Israeli politics after the next elections. 

What you will see in this documentary is what many of us have been condemned for saying: that the continued settlement building and illegal occupation of the West Bank are not just illegal by UN standards but also illegal in accordance to Israeli law. That they are killing the peace process, making the lives of many Palestinians miserable and destroying the moral fiber of the Israeli society.

Palestinians suffer for what is happening physically and spiritually, Israelis will suffer because one day this will blow up in our face in the form of sanctions or a third intifida.

Those who try to sell us the idea that settlements bring security for Israel have the most to be concerned.

This documentary is nominated for an Oscar, millions of people will see it. It will get extensive coverage, and it will make those who say lets annex more land from Palestinians (ie. Naftali Benet and Co) look like bully colonialists.

This documentary will delegetimize their stance around the world with Jews and non Jews alike.

You can watch the entire documentary below: