#ISIS vs The Taliban

For years, Al Qaeda and the Taliban were the most brutal and fundamentalist groups in Afghanistan.

That is no longer true.

ISIS has arrived in Afghanistan and its forces are killing, capturing and then hanging Taliban fighters and commanders. ISIS forces have also been targeting Afghan government troops. This is in addition to the indoctrination of young Afghanis.

The documentary below by AJE is a must. The ideology and brutality of ISIS will blow you away, so will the beauty of the Afghan countryside.

I would like to thank to Mr Bruno Feuerheerd for sending me this documentary.


This one is for Afghanistan

I am so happy for the people of Afghanistan.

Their recent win over Pakistan is a rare bit of good news, and a much deserved one. 

They didn’t just win, their football team trounced Pakistan 3 – 0 in a recent friendly soccer match (you can see the goals below).

This is not the first time I supported the Afghan team. I also cheered for them when they played Palestine in July 2011. They lost that match 1 – 0.

And why do I support them?

Well, the fact that 50% of all Afghans speak Dari which is a Persian dialect is one major reason. In fact its the biggest. There is also the fact that they have suffered so much for so many years. Afghanistan has seen so many tragedies. Always nice to see the people who have suffered so much to rejoice. My father also had a couple of Afghan customers in his pharmacy in Tehran. They were very hard working people.

May there be many more such victories for the Afghan team. And may their country see peace soon.

Here are those three beautiful goals