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Khamenei gets dragged in – again. Iran 2013 Elections

16 Apr

Last week the Iranian parliament reject Ahmadinejad’s budget outright. 

Today it suddenly and not so miraculously approved Ahmadinejad’s budget.

So what happened?

Its easy to guess: parliamentarians most probably got orders from the supreme leader’s office to change their stance and they obeyed.

Its understandable why Khamenei did this. Parliamentarians dislike Ahmadinejad, so they decided to make life difficult for him by rejecting his budget. Another day, another cat fight involving Ahmadinejad.  Tell me something new.

But Khamenei can’t run an economy with a budget thats in limbo. With sanctions and Ahmadinejad-nomics ravaging Iran’s economy, he needs things to move forward. The latest fight involving Ahmadinejad simply can’t get in the way of the engine that runs the regime – the economy.

The fact that Khamenei has to micro manage things to this level is not good for the long term legitimacy of his position.

The more he gets involved directly, the more he will be blamed directly for the economy’s shortcomings.  I say “the more” because Khamenei is already starting to carry increasing blame for his choices, especially his previous support for Ahmadinejad.

Khamenei’s Criteria For the Next Iranian President

8 Apr

The next Iranian presidential elections are scheduled to be held on the 14th of June.

Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei made a mistake by choosing Ahmadinejad in the 2009 elections.

Based on his goals, challenges and experiences, my latest article explains the criteria which he is likely to use to choose Iran’s next president.


A 100,000 Strong Ahmadinejad Party In Tehran

3 Apr

According to the pro – Rafsanjani website “Entekhabat”, Ahmadinejed is preparing to bring 100,000 to a massive celebration at Tehran’s famous Azadi football stadium. The  official title of this event is to be “Nowruz journeys”.

The same report states that officially the government is saying that the main goal of this gathering will be to praise the committee for facilitating travel and transportation inside Iran for tourists, both domestic and foreign during the new year period. This includes transportation police, weather forecasting organizations as well as others.

According to ILNA, this event is to take place on the 15th of April this year.

However Entekhabat news believes there is something much more sinister about this major event:

به گزارش سرویس سیاسی «انتخاب» ؛  در حالی این جشن در مکانی نمادین همچون ورزشگاه آزادی برگزاری میشود که تنها حدود دو ماه پس از آن، انتخابات ریاست جمهوری برگزار خواهد شد. از این رو به نظر میرسد این برنامهبا هدفی انتخاباتی برگزار می شود.

Entekhabat believes that as this event is being planned two months before the presidential elections at a symbolic place such as the Azadi football stadium, it will have election related goals.

In other words, Ahmadinejad will use the event to promote his candidate Esfandiyar Rahim Meshai who Ahmadinejad has been grooming since 2010 to take over from him once he steps out of office.

Entekhabat is accusing the Ahmadinejad administration of being willing to pay people to turn up to the event. There is nothing new about this. Millions of Iranians are literally paid to turn up to the ballot box. Those who work for government have to turn up to rallies and to vote, otherwise they could lose their jobs. This is overseen by the government appointed “preservation” (حراست) departments which are available in all government organizations. Their job above all is “to guard the achievement of the revolution”. In other words to make sure everyone toes the party line. So voting is part of the government employee’s paid responsibility.

What really worries Ahmadinejad’s supporters, including Entekhab news is that at this gathering, traditional Iranian music will be played and emphasis will be placed on nationalism.

It says a lot when the regime is worried about a politician emphasizing the Iranian nature of Iran. It goes to show how the regime has failed and destroyed its system of “Islamic governance” which with its endemic corruption and abuse of human rights has little to do with Islam.

It says a lot more when every year, around the 12th of April (22nd day of Persian month of Farvardin) Ahmadinejad celebrated Iran’s nuclear achievement. This year no one is even noticing the arrival of this date, let alone planning to celebrate it. Perhaps they believe that there is nothing to celebrate. They would be right.