Ahmadinejad’s $54000 White Polyester Jacket

Indiana Jones had his famous whip, Winston Churchill had his pipe, Michael Jackson had his famous glove.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had a white polyester jacket which he wore during his campaign elections in 2005 and for a while after.

It was his trade mark which he used to show his “ساده زیستی” or simple living lifestyle. With his trademark white jacket Ahmadinejad tried to make himself more popular by showing the working class that he dressed in and lived a simple lifestyle like them.

His jacket was white, non descriptive, was ripped under its left arm and was auctioned off two years ago for 54 million Tomans, or $54000 USD (according to the exchange rate two years ago).

As baffling as the exuberant price paid for Ahmadinejad’s jacket is, nevertheless, that jacket had its uses and will continue to have its uses, as a metaphor.

Ahmadinejad’s polyester jacket is a very useful metaphor for his economic policies, which much like his jacket were cheap and populist yet managed to multiply the price of almost everything in Iran by several folds, without much logic or reason.