Al Qaeda vs #ISIS

Abu Qatada is an important authority in Al Qaeda

What if I were to tell you that right now as we speak, Al Qaeda and ISIS are involved in an unprecedented power struggle.

What if I were then to tell you that ISIS is attracting so much money away from Al Qaeda that in the Waziristan region of Pakistan, Al Qaeda:

“was reduced at one point last year to selling its laptops and cars to buy food and pay rent.”

Would you believe me?

How did that happen? How can a relatively new organization such as ISIS beat an established organization such as Al Qaeda in the race to attract money and support from Jihad supporters around the world?

This article from The Guardian explains. Its 10 pages, so make a cup of coffee, print a copy and enjoy one of the most interesting articles on the contemporary world of Jihad.

How ISIS crippled Al Qaeda

Podcast: Why India’s Muslims are so moderate

India has approximately 153 million Muslims.

After Indonesia and Pakistan, its has the world’s third biggest Muslim population.

It has a thriving Shia population. Professor Juan Cole has written a very well reviewed book about Shia Islam, and it includes extensive information about India’s Shia community. The book is called “Sacred Space And Holy War: The Politics, Culture and History of Shi’ite Islam“. India of course also has a thriving Sunni Muslim community as well.

On September 4th, Al Qaeda declared that its opening up a new branch in India.

In the podcast below, the Economist magazine explains why its unlikely that Al Qaeda will find many recruits among India’s Muslim population.

You can listen to the podcast here