Recommended documentary : Balochistan: Pakistan’s other war

The pink area shows areas populated by Baluchis in Iran and Pakistan

There have been numerous attacks against Iranian military forces and in some cases civilians by Baluchistan based armed groups over the last decade.

Pakistan has also been facing its own war on its side of Baluchistan.

That is not to say that both problems are the same as Pakistan’s war in Baluchistan is more nationalist in nature than that of Iran’s.

In Iran some Baluchis complain of being discriminated against because they are Sunni. In Pakistan however Baluchis want to be independent again, as they were between 1947 and 1948 for 9 months.  Its much more nationalism based than religious.

This excellent documentary by AlJazeera English looks at the challenges and complaints by the Baluchis and the Pakistani government, as well as the basis of the war there.

I highly recommend this documentary.