What does it mean to be “Pro-Israel in the US?”

When it comes to being pro-Israel in the US, the two leading organization which represent two very different views are AIPAC and JStreet. 

However I have yet to see a debate between representatives of these two organizations.

There are of course other organizations, some of which are to the right and left of AIPAC and Jstreet.

For example, there is the Emergency Committee for Israel, which is more conservative than AIPAC. This organization was in the news recently for being against the appointment of Chuck Hagel as US Secretary of Defense.

In May 2012, prior to the US elections, J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami and Emergency Committee for Israel Chairman Bill Kristol had a debate.

Issues discussed were “the Jewish vote, the state of pro-Israel advocacy in America, and the future of what it means to be pro-Israel”.

I highly recommend watching the debate, as it addresses some very crucial issues for the pro-Israel community in the US as well how opinions with regards to Israel are changing.

This is something which we in Israel can  ignore at our peril.