Report: In 2012 Iran Simulated a Nuclear Explosion

A simulated nuclear explosion would look something like this

Citing “security officials who are at the forefront of the struggle against Iran” in its article today, the Maariv newspaper made a number of interesting revelations which I have summarized  below:

  1. Between July and September this year Iran will reach a bomb
  2. Iran’s nuclear program does not lag far behind that of North Korea
  3. At the end of 2012 Iran carried out the simulation of a nuclear explosion
  4. Iran’s nuclear program is progressing at a breakneck speed every day.

The security officials also told Maariv that sanctions are not working, and that despite their effectiveness, intelligence operations in Iran are not stopping Iran’s nuclear drive.

Now hang on a minute. Just what is going on here? How can these unnamed security officials say:

“Iran’s nuclear program does not lag far behind that of North Korea?”

As we know the North Korean nuclear model entails deciding to make a bomb and actually going ahead and building one as well as testing it. So basically these unnamed security officials are saying that Iran has decided to make a bomb.

So was the IDF Intelligence Chief Kochavi lying publicly at the recent 2013 Herzliya conference where he stated among other things that:

Iran has not yet decided to build the bomb.

Or is it possible that these unnamed security officials have an ax to grind because Obama did not commit to attacking Iran?

Thats a distinct possibility as in the same article they state:

“They (the Obama administration) bought us with flattery and demonstrations of friendship, but they succeeded in avoiding the responsibility to attack. Additionally they succeeded in humiliating Netanyahu in front of the Arab world after his apology to Erdogan”.

To say that Iran is not far behind North Korea flies in the face of current IDF and US assessment that Iran has not yet decided to make a bomb.

I find the assessment of the unnamed security officials cited in the Maariv report very difficult to believe.

And if as they state Iran has carried out simulation of a nuclear explosion at the end of 2012, then lets hope the IAEA is told about this and pursues it.