i24 interview: some in #Israel military intelligence have positive view of #Iran deal

Yesterday Amir Oren published a piece in Haaretz about the Iran deal and the view of some of Iran analysts working for the Israeli military intelligence. Among other things, in the article he states:

“There are those in the Intelligence Corps, including those in the research division dealing with ‪‎Iran‬, who have a very positive view of the nuclear agreement. “

Last night I was interviewed alongside Amir for the i24 news program, where Amir discussed his article in more details. He also mentioned an unprecedented intelligence sharing offer being made by the U.S which would give Israel access to raw intelligence material which no one else except the US would have. Netanyahu has not accepted this offer.

And how some in the military intelligence community are very concerned about the damage being caused to the Israel – US relations.

You can watch interview here:

A lively debate re: #Iran nuclear deal

RT CrossTalk recently hosted a lively debate on the Iranian nuclear program.

Iran based Professor Mohammad Marandi was in his full propagandist mode. He is however worth listening to. He is one of the most famous thinkers which the regime has.

The other two guests gave their two cents. The former CIA guest was unreasonable in many of the things he said. The lady in London had the most salient points.

A lively debate worth watching.