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#Iran – A Roadtrip

3 Apr

Today was a teaching day for me.

Seminar topic –  Post revolution Iranian foreign policy: history and influencing factors

To simplify what was a long seminar, when it comes to influencing factors, first and foremost there is domestic politics, and then the economy. The same as almost every other country.

So while I was trying to teach how domestic Iranian politics influenced Iran’s foreign policy in Africa during Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s presidency, I thought to myself “after this I am going to need a break”.

And when I do get a break, YouTube is my sanctuary.

And thats where I found this beautiful video of a recent 5000 km road trip in Iran. Its made by the Dutch based Beyond Borders Media.

Its absolutely breathtaking. I will be sharing it with my students as well, especially those from Israel. It would be a tragedy for them to judge Iran by its politicians. Not just Iran in fact. You could say that about many countries, yet it holds true when it comes to Iran, more than many others.

You can also watch their photo album here. Very beautiful.


Tomorrow I start teaching Iranian politics (again)

19 Feb

Tomorrow is the start of the new term at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya for me. That means I will start teaching the “contemporary Iranian politics” course for the fourth year.

For the last three years the course has been very popular. For two of three years I received the highest teaching grade in the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy. I teach the course in English to the international students in the morning. In the afternoon I teach the Israeli students in Hebrew.

My course was so popular among the Israeli students that there was a waiting list. This is why this year, instead of being a seminar, it has been turned into a class, so that instead of 25 students, I can teach 50 students. I am very proud of that.

Its so exciting to teach Iranian politics here in Israel. There is so much enthusiasm. Its almost electric and very catchy.

Am I nervous? Yes I am.

At the beginning of a new semester I am always nervous. I always want to give it my best. And you never know what next year’s students are going to be like. And each year when I start teaching a new class, I miss my students from all the classes before. I feel like I am cheating on them with the new class. Strange, but true. After meeting over 13 weeks, I always feel there is a bond between us. I am not afraid to say that I even suffer from a small dose of separation anxiety at the end of the course.

So tomorrow is a new class (well two), new day, new semester. Lets see how it goes. And if all else fails, I will always have Maz Jobrani to help me out. Very few people describe the difference between Iranians and Arabs better than him 🙂