A Persian culinary delight in Tel Aviv

I am not a vegetarian or a vegan. Far from it in fact. So when we (my wife and I) received an invitation from a friend to go to a Vegetarian restaurant in Tel Aviv, at

Part of the menu at the restaurant.Click to expand.

first, I wasn’t quite sure.

“There will be a Persian DJ there tonight”, added our friend Hilla.

That sealed the deal for me.

The name of the restaurant is Zakaim Vegan Boutique, or in Hebrew:בוטיק טבעוני אורגינל

The Zakaim are a well-known Jewish Esfahani family. The owners of this restaurant are 50% Esfahani, and 50% from the city of Arak. Their mother is from there.

The food was excellent, and so was the music. Although the menu wasn’t entirely Persian, the Persian rice which they cooked with dill (Polo Shevid) was delicious.

They also had other Persian food on the menu.

One of the foods which caught my eye was “Freekeh Zucchini and candies from Iran”. (See picture right)

Say what? Candies from Iran? Whatever happened to sanctions? Perhaps they were smuggled out under Sheep’s clothing. As you know there are many “Wolves” in Iran which use those.

I am not a restaurant or a food critic. And you gotta realize that I am biased here. Even if the food was bad (and it wasn’t, it was great) I would have had a good time. Lets face it, three days after the Persian new year, in a Tel Aviv restaurant, Persian music blaring on the speakers. To me under such conditions, even prison food would taste good.

But if you get a chance to visit the Zakaim’s restaurant in Tel Aviv, I highly recommend it. Here is their facebook page. Delicious food.

And here is a clip of us at the restaurant last night.