Disrespecting the Iranian people?

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif

Iranian officials and regime pundits are increasingly using a tool discovered after the 2009 Green uprising in Iran: to call any criticism of the regime or its policies “disrespectful” to the Iranian people.

The Tehran University Professor Mohammad Marandi who is seen as  the regime’s unofficial mouth piece continuously referred to evidence that regime supporters in 2009 were receiving free food and orange juice to attend rallies as “disrespectful to the Iranian people”.

And now Iran’s Foreign Minister is using this tool. In one of his recent tweets he states:

Really Mr foreign minister? using statements from your own Boss Hassan Rouhani that sanctions are hurting the regime and its economy as evidence that Iran needs to negotiate is “disrespectful of a nation”?

In other words, any logic or argument that undermines the regime’s policies is “disrespectful to the Iranian people”?

This is a tool which will not work. Every nation deserves respect, including the people of Iran. However this is not a shield that the Iranian regime or government can use anytime their policies fall short.

And if the regime wants respect, how about ending the chant “Death to America”. Wishing someone death while you speak with them does not show much respect. Nor does it create the “mutual confidence” which you call for.





Mr Iran Foreign Minister, is that you?

از مزدوری برای رژیم صهیونیستی چی عایدت شده که ادامه دهنده این راه هستی؟

Translation: What benefit have you received for being a Zionist mercenary that you keep following this path?

You gotta admit it, being an Iranian – Israeli is not easy. Its like belonging to the two loudest most self righteous families on the block. You know the ones.

So I have been called many things. Zionist spy, Iranian spy, Zionist sympathizer, Iranian regime agent, a double agent, etc.

You got mail…

The message above was nothing new, except that it came from the Facebook account of Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Or so I thought.

The account has 2000 members, including my colleagues such as Professor Gary Sick, Ali Vaez and Akbar Ganji.

The first thing that came to my mind was that I remembered reading an article by Golnaz Esfaniyari where Zarif had admitted using Facebook.

So I did not immediately dismiss the message.

I thought wow, this guy must be really bored. Doesn’t he have some P5+1 nuclear negotiations to be preparing for?

Then the clip below kept jumping to my mind. Watch and maybe you can tell me why.

Then I thought, don’t they have angry birds in the foreign ministry? I know Iran is not exactly being overrun with friends in the international community, but surely Mr Foreign minister, there must be a better way to kill the time.

Meanwhile something more important came up, called hunger. I put my response to Mr Zarif aside at the back of my mind and took part in something much more important, eating. And by the time I came back I saw messages that the account is fake! It doesn’t belong to him. Javad Zarif’s actual page is this one.

Lets hope one day there will be peace with Iran so that the foreign minister can call me a Zionist mercenary to my face. My late grandfathers Meir and Itzhak would have been so proud.  Oh by the way, he gets to call me that as long as he adds the word Esfahani before Zionist. If your gonna call me out, at least make sure its accurate 🙂