#Iran: a more conservative response to the draft nuclear agreement

Professor Mohammad Marandi


Last night I posted an Al Jazeera discussion which showed three different views from Iran, Saudi Arabia and the U.S towards the recent draft nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1.

The Iranian view was presented by Professor Zibakalam, who is a reformist.

In this clip, CCTV America has interviewed Mohammad Marandi who is more conservative. Dr Marandi has a PhD in English literature from Birmingham University and since 2005 he has been the head of the North American Studies Department, University of Tehran.

His father is close to Ayatollah Khamenei. He was the head of the medical team which oversaw the Supreme Leader’s recent Prostate operation. He is very well-connected inside the regime.

It’s an interesting interview. It’s worth watching to hear what the more conservative side of Iranian politics thinks about the recent deal.

Recommended debate: the Islamic Revolution turns 35

There have been numerous articles and television debates about the 35th anniversary of the Iranian revolution.

On the day of the revolution, Al Jazeera hosted one of the best TV debates.

The guests reflected the spectrum of different points of views regarding the revolution pretty well.

Shahriar Shahabi did a great job of representing the point of view that the revolution has failed to achieve many of its goals.

Mohammad Marandi represented the view of the Iranian regime as he always does. If you want to know how Iran regime supporters think, he is one person to listen to.

Professor Milani as always presented a very precise academic view of events before and after the revolution.

Definitely worth watching.