Debate regarding Makhmalbaf’s visit to Israel and opportunities for peacebuilding

The Cyrus Cylinder contains the first declaration of human rights. This is something which bonds all Iranians. Its teachings are much needed in the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

The recent visit by Iranian film director Mohsen Makhmalbaf to Israel has created controversy.

A group of independent Iranian scholars and activists in the diaspora are opposed to Makhmalbaf’s visit. I am for the visit as I believe that it has strengthened the bond between the people of Iran and Israel. I also believe that such exchanges enhance dialogue and understanding.

OK, there is two sides to every argument. Welcome to open debate.

But there is something more important than having this debate. There have been 1000000000 + 1 similar debates about this matter. We are not about to invent the wheel here.

So lets all get together and focus on what is far more important and what we all want: peace.

I think this is the perfect opportunity for Iranian in the diaspora to become involved in the peace process.

King Cyrus was the first to write the declaration of human rights. As an example, in his name and spirit a peace fund sponsored and run by Iranians in the diaspora can be started.  Something like “The Children of Cyrus Peace Fund” (this is just an example).

There are numerous things that can be done. For example:

  1. Sponsoring joint health projects between Israelis and Palestinians, example Doctors without borders 
  2. Providing loans to Palestinian businesses through KIVA
  3. Sponsoring exchange educational visits between both sides (you will be shocked at the amount of sheer ignorance on both sides)

There are also other projects. I would be happy to put you in touch with organizations in this region who can provide list of projects which you can become involved with. Would be very happy to help out where I can.

Lets show Palestinians and Israelis that we want peace in this region and Iranians are a positive force for peace.