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Bibi + Obama = The Bibi Twins?

23 Mar

Well, Obama came and went. 

There are numerous memorable moments from his visit.

The one below where Obama took off his jacket and Bibi almost immediately followed him is one.

Avigdor Lieberman‘s absence in nearly all of the important public meetings is another memorable moment and an achievement for majority of the people of Israel.

Perhaps one reason was because Netanyahu and Obama were planning the rapprochement between Israel and Turkey, and they did not want Lieberman to ruin things.

So they just went over his head.

Tis the season after all.

Happy Pass Over Mr Lieberman.

Iranians in Israel watch Obama visit closely

22 Mar

Everyone is talking about Barack Obama’s visit to Israel

One of the questions is: how do Iranians in Israel view his trip ?

How do they believe that the standoff between Iran and Israel should be resolved?

And how strongly connected do they feel towards their Iranian roots?

This short and interesting report by France24 tries to answer these questions.

On Iran, Israel Can Trust Obama

20 Mar

My latest article explains why when it comes to Iran, we in Israel can trust Obama’s policies.


Obama In Israel For The Nowrooz. Why? Could he be Persian?

20 Mar

I am sure Obama did not do this on purpose, but as it happens, he will be arriving in Israel just in time for the Persian Nowrooz new year celebrations.

Or maybe he did and we just don’t know about it. Because don’t forget, we Persians believe that all famous and successful people all have Persian heritage if you trace back their heritage long enough. Even Obama. Dark skinned? well he must be from the Iran’s southern coast of Bushehr or is it the city of Abadan? The latter allegedly like to wear Ray Ban sunglasses even when they are sleeping or taking showers. Has anyone seen Obama wearing Ray Bans? Does he have a soft spot for them? because if he does, then sorry Bushehr, there is a good chance Obama is from Abadan (originally).

Well he can’t be from the city of Esfahan. He keeps giving money away to Israel. Despite the US budget sequester, we in Israel are still getting the full amount of aid. In fact no US president has helped Israel financially like he has. We Esfahanis are masters of being economical with money. I am pretty sure that we own the patent for the pocket less trousers. Have you heard about what the Esfahani husband wrote on the tombstone of his wife? “Here lies Fatemeh Esfahani, the beloved wife of Mohsen Esfahani…Owner of antique store, Abbas Abad Street, number 32, business hours 8 am – 10 pm. http://www.Dada-antiqchi-bekhar.com”  or the one about the Esfahani who committed suicide with his next door neighbor’s electricity? Obama just can’t be one of us.

Well whatever he is, or is not, let me just say how happy I am that “he is with us“.  Not only because I like his policies, but also because thats what his surname means in Persian. And no, this is no joke.