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On US – Israel relations: a victory for Rouhani

8 Nov

Relations between the Obama administration and Netanyahu are about to get worse. Much worse. 


First is the peace process with the Palestinians. It seems that the Obama administration is seriously angry at the recent decision by the Netanyahu government to build 1700 new homes in the settlements. Kerry’s comments showed this yesterday when he warned that unless we reach a deal, a 3rd intifadah could erupt. This has angered officials inside Netanyahu’s office. Their response was:

Israel, said one official, would not “give in to the intimidation tactics” of the secretary, and would not compromise on its vital security needs.

Then there are differences over Iran.

It is my strong belief that the tensions and serious differences between Obama and Netanyahu over the settlements is influencing their dealings and relations with regards to Iran. Judging by his statements today, Netanyahu feels he is being pushed by Obama on the Palestinian issue, so he is pushing back on the Iran file. And he will continue to push back by getting his allies in the Congress to pass new sanctions against Iran, thus scuppering a possible nuclear deal between the P5+1 and Iran.

The Likud and the Democrats have historically had a tenuous relationship. Bill Clinton and Netanyahu had a very difficult and at times bad relationship. Obama and Netanyahu have had a tough relationship. Their frayed relations could be about to hit its lowest point. 

It seems that Rouhani has just scored his first big foreign policy win. I am sure he is hoping that Israel builds more settlement homes. They seem to be doing wonders for Iran’s plans and wishes to drive a wedge between the US and Israel.  

Don’t forget Assad’s biological weapons

10 Sep

There is much talk about removing Assad’s chemical weapons stockpile as part of a proposal which is being put forward by the Russians. 

Fine. But what about his biological weapons?

What exactly would be the point of taking away his chemical weapons and leaving him with his biological weapons which he could use in a future date against the Syrian people?

There is valid reason to be concerned about his biological weapon making capabilities. According to an article published on the 4th of September in The Washington Post:

A report prepared for Congress this year by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence concluded that Syria possesses a “longstanding biological weapons program,” adding that parts of it “may have advanced beyond the research and development stage, and may be capable of limited agent production.”

The fact that Putin has come forward with an offer shows that he believes that America could attack his ally Assad, and he does not want that.

This gives Obama leverage.

My suggestion: president Obama should use this leverage and go for a deal which ensures that Assad not only dismantles and delivers his chemical weapons stockpile and infrastructure, he does the same with his biological weapons. Such an opportunity may not come around again, for Obama and for the Syrian people.

Will Obama Bomb Iran?

12 Aug

My two cents regarding an important question. To read, click below:


Sanctions have impacted Iran’s nuclear policy

22 Apr

The Iranian government has claimed on numerous occasions that sanctions can’t influence its nuclear policies and will not do so in the future.

However, its own behaviour tells a different story.

My latest article explains:


Iran Celebrates Limited Victory After P5+1 Talks

28 Feb

My take on the latest nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 in Kazakhstan.

What implications will they have for Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei?


My Latest Article: Elections Unlikely to Change Israel’s Iran Strategy

25 Jan

Netanyahu did worst in the recent elections than the one before in February 2009.
His coalition is now likely to include the more moderate – centrist party”Yesh Atid” party headed by Yair Lapid.

Yet none of these are going to impact Netanyahu’s Iran policy which relies heavily on threatening war.

My latest article explains.

Netanyahu’s Star Spangled Red Lines

27 Sep

Today Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not only talk about his red line on Iran, he drew it for the international community with a big red marker.

The red line he drew marks the point at which Iran increases its current uranium enrichment levels.

Currently Iran is enriching at 20%. This could be used both for civilian and military purposes.

If Iran moves beyond 20% enrichment towards 90% then that would clearly be for the construction of a bomb.

The point where Iran moves beyond 20% and towards 90% is where Netanyahu has stated that Iran would be crossing a red line.

The first question which must be asked is: would we know about such an Iranian initiative? Netanyahu said no.

The answer however is yes. Iran’s current enrichment facilities are under inspection. The only way Iran could hide such a move would be by kicking out the IAEA inspectors. This would alert the entire international community. Israel alongside everyone else would find out.

An Iranian unilateral expulsion of IAEA inspectors could lead to an attack by the United States against Iran’s facilities, as President Obama has stated clearly that when it comes to a nuclear Iran, “containment is not an option“.

In other words, Netanyahu’s red line is not so different to that of the US.

This could be a clear sign that although in words the current Israeli and US government disagree, in reality, they are operating along the same lines and understandings.

The fact that Netanyahu did not commit himself to a red line on Iran is another common feature between him and Obama. This is despite the fact that Netanyahu drew the line with his own hands.

This should give more impetus for the cessation of the current rift between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama. It only causes damage, and as the context of Netanyahu’s red lines showed, the details of the rift is becoming increasingly meaningless.