#Saudi regime negotiating to purchase nukes from #Pakistan?

Some odd behavior by the Saudis.

According to a report in today’s Independent:

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, Adel Al-Jubeir, has refused to answer questions about reports Riyadh was attempting to buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan, but said the Kingdom would do “whatever it takes” to protect itself.

Well, you could say its possible that he has nothing to say. Thats why he is refusing to discuss this any further.

True, but when you add this warning by John Kerry on Monday when he:

warned Saudi Arabia and Pakistan against trading nuclear weapons, saying there would be “all kinds of NPT [Non-Proliferation Treaty] consequences” if they did.

Then another picture emerges, especially when you place it in the context that it was the Saudis who have been financing Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program and the fact that the Saudis were one of the leading voices of opposition against the Iran nuclear deal.

Lets keep an eye on this story.

Saudi Arabia feels impact of low #oil prices

Oil prices have been falling over the last few years +

Saudi Arabia has been fighting a new war in Yemen +

The Saudi government has been increasing handouts to government employees over the last few years =

The Saudis are starting to feel the financial strain. So much so that they have started borrowing quietly on the domestic market.

The podcast below from the Financial Times explains more: